PORTFOLIO (page 5)

Central Land Council - Intergenerational Transfer of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge Interactive DVD-ROM

This project consisted of designing an interactive interface capable of organising a vast amount of videos, images and documents, providing access to these contents through a zoomable map as well as a searching per categories. The rich media capabilities of this DVD are self-contained and cross-platform, playing back in any computer, without the need of any third-party applications, plug-ins or connection to internet.

"This interactive DVD-ROM contains information, data, documents, pages, audio, video and images prepared by staff, participants and partners of the Intergenerational Transfer of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge Program for the purposed of: providing the public with Information about the program and with the objective to propagate and increase the knowledge about the various ways that participants and partners in this program engaged in and supported the transfer, maintenance and practice of Indigenous ecological knowledge." (from the copyright notice written by Nikki Brannigan).

Multimedia DVD ROM coordinated by Nikki Brannigan. Designed and hard-coded by Leonardo Ortega.

Barkly Regional Council - Ali-Curung music videos

Periphery Media produced three videos for the Barkly Desert Cultures project, run by Sean Spencer from the Barkly Regional Council.

"Music producer MonkeyMarc (Marc Pekham) facilitated the production of the song and filmmaker Leo Ortega produced a music video shot in and around the community." (From an article about the Barkly Desert Cultures project on ABC - Indigenous elders fight for youth).

The paper cutouts animation "Keep Our Family Strong" and the "Ali-Curung Strong Sisters Club" obtained a judges commendation in the festival "A Fistfull Of Films 2014" held in Darwin by the Darwin Film Society.

Barkly Desert Culture program coordinated by Sean Spencer. Music facilitator Beatrice Lewis. Music facilitator-engineer Monkey Marc. Video facilitator-director of the Ali-Curung videoclips Leonardo Ortega.