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"The film 'Choosin' Right' explores young people's choices in relationships, sexual health and drug and alcohol use." 

This film has been distributed in DVD to schools in urban and remote areas across Australia. It has also been used by public health clinics and health promotion organisations since 2010 when it was launched. The DVD is accompanied by a student and a facilitator workbook.

"The booklet focuses on the key themes throughout the film (...) drug and alcohol use and their implications; sexual health choices - condom use and contraception; relationships - jealousy, respect and communication." (Quotes taken from the student workbook).

Film produced by Astrid Stark, directed by Leonardo Ortega, written by Isabella Tusa. Booklets written by Astrid Stark. Project funded by Centre Of Sexual Health and Sexual Health and Blood Virus Unit, Northern Territory Government.

Medicare Local NT - Alpurrurulam Healthy skin community films

These 'local TV episodes' are the result of a long-term project with video and animation workshops delivered at Alpurrurulam, Alyawerr Aboriginal community of the NT, between years 2012 and 2013.

In collaboration with the local Council Office, Aged Care Centre, Sports and Recreation team, Alpurrurulam School, Health Clinic and Isa Skills, the final product includes pieces that counted with the participation by members of most of the local families.

The education strategy of this project relied on the process of creating media as a way of active learning, generating a sense of ownership and commitment about skin health issues among local residents.

Screenings of the newly made animations and film pieces were organised at the end of each visit. These screenings had very large attendance and after a few visits most of the community members were aware of the 'TV series' being produced in their community. Children, youth, adults and elderly community members took part in one or more of the micro productions. The final product is a DVD with two episodes containing several animations, films and interviews exploring local imagination and facts on skin health. The episodes are regularly screened at the local clinic's waiting room and by the Sports and Recreation team during movie nights.