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Arid lands EnvironmenT Centre - Water smart TV Advertising

Wally and Alice is a four-episode series of clay-animated television commercials that follows the capers of the hapless Alice Springs resident Wally and his romantic interest, fiery redheaded Alice.  Wally is wasting precious water, a limited resource in the desert and Alice will not be wooed by such a careless character.  But thanks to the advice of Norm the ever wise neighbour - based and crafted to resemble local garden expert and water savings promoter, newspaper columnist Geoff Miers - Wally begins to learn how and why to be water wise and how to win the heart of the woman he loves!

Drawing on a palette of vivid central Australian colours and landscapes, these exquisite animations have a strong sense of location and authenticity.

Commissioned by not for profit NGO ALEC for their program "Alice Water Smart", these animations were made with a great deal of passion and dedication by a team of film makers and actors entirely local to central Australia. 

Written by Katelnd Griffin; co-produced, co-directed and animated by Katelnd Griffin and Leonardo Ortega.

Ntaria School - watercolour animation - "On Country"

"This animation was created by students at Ntaria School, mentored by Leonardo Ortega and Periphery Media. It has grown from a workshop process facilitated by Big hART's Namatjira Project, with senior Hermannsburg school watercolour artists teaching promising young artists their iconic tradition. These young artists are now taking that tradition into the digital age." (From the blur written by Big hART in their Vimeo page).

This animation has been shown in Canberra as part of the Big hART "Namatjira To Now, Five Generations of Watercolours in the Central Desert" exhibition,  was a finalist of the SEGRA Short Film Festival and shown as pat of the exhibition and conference "We are in Wonderland", UNSW Galleries and broadcasted by ICTV.

Artwork produced by the class of Wendy Cowan in Ntaria School. Animation production and workshops delivered at Ntaria School by Leonardo Ortega.